A new feature is now available on Google Maps.

A new feature is now available on Google Maps. The users of India can also opt to view the price of a toll prior to beginning navigation. Learn what you can do to benefit from this feature.


Google Maps also tells its users the price of tolls to be incurred during their travel. With the aid provided by Google Maps, people can be aware of the estimated cost of the toll for their trip. This feature was revealed in April 2022.

But, it wasn’t until later that it was released into India, Indonesia, Japan and the US. The app is now roll-out to India on both Android in addition to iOS. Check out the following article to learn more about it in more detail.

It is a feature from Google Maps is now also accessible in India

According to Google that, thanks to this latest feature of the service clients will now be able quickly choose any route based on their preferences from normal roads to toll roads. Prior to the beginning of navigator, Google Maps will tell how much the toll will cost.


Google announced that today i.e. on June 14, users of both Android as well as iOS users can use this function in India in addition to Indonesia, Japan and America. The cost of tolls will be available prior to the navigation begins toward the location.

Google Maps users will have the option of seeing the price of tolls with or without the toll pass under the settings. Price may change depending on payment method. Additionally there is a choice called Avoid Tolls is also accessible in the settings. This way, you’ll be able to avoid travelling through toll roads. 

How do I use this feature?

  • As per the firm, users need to launch Google Maps to access the various options to view the price of the toll.
  • Then enter the destination. Click on the 3 dots icon located on the top right.
  • Then , click Route Options. After that, a variety of possibilities will be presented before you.
  • In the list, choose the Choose the option to view prices for toll passes.
  • Then click the Done option that will appear.

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There is also the option of avoiding tolls. If you choose this option you will be able to search for routes with no tolls.