Experience supreme Android antivirus and privacy protection with AVG AntiVirus

Get a AVG Anti-virus  for a Android to the help protect  to you from harmful in a  viruses and malware. Keep  to your personal data safe with a App Lock, Photo Vault, WI-F I Security Scan, and App Permissions in a advisor. Download now!.

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Over a 100,000,000 people are already installed a AVG’s antivirus mobile security apps. Join them now and:
✔ Scan a apps, games, settings and the files in a real-time
✔ Boost a speed by a killing tasks in that slow down to  your device
✔ Extend battery life with a Power Save
✔ Clean a unnecessary files to the  free up space
✔ Lock a sensitive apps with a PIN, pattern, or a fingerprint
✔ Enable locating to your lost phone via Google in a  Maps
✔ Hide a private photos in an a encrypted Vault
✔ Stay a anonymous with a  V P N
✔ Scan a W i-F i networks for a threats
✔ Check a W i-F i download and upload speed
✔ Get a insight into the permission level of  the installed apps

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✔ Extend battery life by a turning off battery-draining in a settings with a Power Save
 Kill a tasks and processes that can slow down to your phone or a tablet
✔ Clean a unnecessary files and free up storage space

Check a  W i-F i download and the  upload a speed

Use a AVG Anti Virus FREE for a Android together with a AVG’s remote management console to:
✔ Locate to  your lost or a stolen phone via Google Maps
✔ Lock to your phone and set a lock screen message
✔ Make to your phone sound in a siren
✔ Theft: discreetly emails you a photo of anyone trying to the unlock your phone or a tablet
✔ Surveillance Agent: remotely a capture photos and record a audio from your phone via our website
✔ Remote a History: query to  your contacts remotely

✔ Hide a private photos in a password-protected Vault to the  prevent snooping
✔ App a Lock: lock sensitive apps to the protect to your privacy and safety
✔ Stay a anonymous with a V P N
✔ App Permissions: get a insight into the level of  the permission required by your installed apps

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Smallest Speed Booster App That are Helps Boost to Your Phone’s Speed with a One Tap!

Super Speed Boost Master can be a  instantly optimize in the performance of your phone, which are includes accelerating web browsing in a speed, improving gaming experience, making to your battery last longer, cleaning a cache and removing the junk files. Our main features are CPU performance optimization, Junk File Cleaner, RAM Booster, Battery Booster and the Game Speed Booster.


With a AVG Anti Virus FREE for a Android you will receive a  effective virus and the malware protection, phone locator, task a killer, app lock, W i-F i Scanner and  the photo vault to the  help shield you from threats to your privacy and online identity.

App Features:
✔ Scan a apps, games and files with our antivirus and the remove malicious content
✔ Scan a websites for a harmful threats
✔ W i-F i Scanner for a network encryption, password strength and Captive Portal (ones with a ‘sign-in’ a requirement)
✔ V P N Protection: Secure to  your online privacy

Unleash in the full potential of your Android’s CPU speed and the RAM with a single tap speed boost – you would not a believe how to fast your phone is!


☆Speed Booster – Phone Boost
Automatically boost in  the performance of your games and apps. Phone Booster frees up memory, speeds up your phone and saves a battery power.

☆Clear junk files – Memory Cleaner
The junk file cleaner cleans up a cache and junk files that take up a memory and storage space, which helps to the  improve and optimize in  the speed and performance of your phone.

CPU Cooler
Continuously monitor temperature can be a changes, detect applications that consume in a high CPU s, and begin  the cooling process, effectively reducing a handset temperature. With a memory boost, it is a cools Android devices as a quickly as a possible.

☆Battery Saver
The battery booster in a  feature helps optimize battery usage, reduce a charging time and the  reduce power consumption. Use it often to the avoid using the battery charger all the time, and to extend the life of the battery charger. Try a now to make your battery last longer and use fewer battery chargers.

☆App Manager
How many years have you can  installed an a application that you have not a used? Easily delete old apps and identify apps with a irregular activity

Speed Booster optimizes and  the accelerates to your Android phone with a just one touch. Speed Booster can be also scan the cache and junk files in your phone and clean them up to the greatly speed up your phone’s processing.